Competition Climbing - Membership/License Sales

The ACC has created a new Committee - Sport Climbing/Escalade Canada (SCE) - to replace the old CEC term. We are in the process of updating our websites and other material with our new name.


A Ranked Membership with the SCE, through the Alpine Club of Canada, is required for competitors' results to earn points and be tracked in the National Ranking Systems. These rankings will continue to be used for National Team selection purposes – they are the only way an athlete may be licensed and registered for International Competitions. Results through CEC membership only will NOT be counted in the SCE National Ranking – you must hold a SCE/Alpine Club of Canada ranked membership to have your points recorded on this system.

If the membership information from your Provincial Sport Organization is unclear or if there are questions about the kind of membership being applied for, please feel free to contact the following individuals: Sheila Churchill - ACC Membership Coordinator, via email at or by phone 403.678.3200 ext 108. SCE committee members David Foster, Luigi Montilla, John Bowles, David Dornian, and Andrew Weldon will also be happy to hear from you and direct you to assistance or answer your questions.

Please note : RESIDENTS OF ON, QC, AB, BC

Please use the following links to process your membership.

Ontario -
Quebec -
Alberta -
British Columbia -

All other athletes may purchase your membership directly from The Alpine Club of Canada.
  1. Tell us if currently have a membership
    (please use your existing number, see below if you need to obtain this)
  2. Tell us who you are.
  3. Pick the membership for you.
  4. Make your payment
  5. Complete and return your waiver form - download form here

Start by choosing one of the links below.

I've had a sport climbing membership in the past.

I'm NEW to sport climbing and have not had a membership before.

If you have trouble purchasing your membership or require your membership number
please contact the ACC national office at 403-678-3200 Ext. 108 during business hours.
Or via email at